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Payroll processing is arranging or managing the wages of employees by their employer. Payrolling sounds simple but the typical processes are quite lengthy. It includes collecting the time input data of an employee in a given period, calculating and managing their benefits and several other deductions, as well as the distribution of their wages to them for the period either by printing paychecks or crediting their bank accounts. Sounds easy right?

There are several ‘rough works’ to be done behind the scenes before the payroll process begins.

Asides that, the employer compulsorily has to do a ‘payroll tax filing’ as at when necessary or risk being punished by the government.

Payroll services are supposed to be enjoyed by every business whether big or small but in the past, most of these agencies have ignored the smaller businesses and that has prompted the springing up of E-pay Payroll.

E-pay Payroll has provided quality services to small businesses such as auto dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, real estate offices, doctors and dentists and many more.

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We have carefully made a name for ourselves and we are respected in all the 50 states of the country. Our large client base has testimonies of how we have made their lives easier with our topnotch services.

Our staff comprises of well-trained attorneys and business accounting experts such as CPAs and payroll specialists who have dedicated their careers to seeing small businesses in Escondido progress.

We deliver our duty with professionalism and warmth. Our clients develop a rapport with us and that is responsible for the loyalty that we have enjoyed over the years.

We are not new in this practice, while our company is about 28 years old, our staff combined experience is about 40 years and there is hardly any issue involving your payroll that we haven’t worked on in the past.

We have updated tools and we use the most recent ideas to fix payrolls.

When it is time for you to file your W-2s and 1099s, we would help you with the process so you do not break a sweat! All you have to do is crosscheck your workers’ efforts in the attendance shit and append your approval. The rest is our job.

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