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Channel Partner Overview

If you are processing payroll for your clients but are considering the prospect of outsourcing, this is the solution for you. As a channel partner, we become your back office payroll service department without you having to risk an investment, take the exposure, or possess the experience.

With our system, you retain complete control over handling the data for your clients. They simply transmit their payroll data via phone, fax, spreadsheet, e-mail, or even the web and we process it according to whatever services they require. We will then securely e-mail you whatever information you normally give to your clients, such as reports and checks to print and package your clients’ payrolls in your office, as if you had processed it yourself.

You pay our low Channel Partner pricing, then resell the payroll services at your normal rates. Even though you will spend less time processing payrolls for your clients, you will be able to offer more services and increase your profit margins.

Features Include

To request a census form, contact our office at 1-866-340-8132.

Private Label CPA Partnership

This program enables you to provide advanced payroll services to your clients, with almost no required involvement by you.

Although similar, our Private Label CPA Partnership offers you less control and involvement than our Channel Partner Program. We will actually print, package, and ship the payroll to your client for you. You can still brand all the reports, as well as the My ePay Payroll Web package, and can even bill your client directly if you wish.

Features Include

FeatureChannel PartnerPrivate Label
Who processes the payroll (including taxes and direct deposit)?EPayEPay
Who Prints, Packages And Ships The Payroll?AccountantEPay
Who Bills The Client?EitherEither
Can The Reports Be Private Labeled?YesYes
Can Mypayrollweb.Com Be Private Labeled?YesYes
What Is The Discount Range (Based On Volume)?YesYes
Discount Range (Based On Volume) .20% – 40%15% – 35%