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Payroll Services City Of Industry

Calculating how much each employee should be paid each payday isn’t something most organizations want to bother themselves with. Already, they have so much to deal with during day to day operations and managing the brand name and image. In fact, these types of issues are best handled by payroll processing experts and E-pay payroll is one of the top companies that offer sterling Payroll services.

During our almost 30 years of existence, our brand has consistently improved and evolved and we have a business presence in almost 50 states in the US. When you call on us or hire our services, we prepare salary schedules that are accurate and take into consideration the existing wage rate, holiday pay, and taxes as well as employee benefit deductions. We do not stop there. At E-pay payroll, we do other things like filing tax forms, onboarding of new employees, accounting services and human resource services.

Why choose us?

For companies and establishments around the city of industry, there are many reasons to choose us for your payroll processing services. Firstly, everybody wins when we are saddled with this task. Employees stand to gain from our worker’s compensation scheme and are assured of effective representation during workers audit. Also, there is also the employee group health insurance and employee retirement plans to benefit from. We do all these because we recognize the importance of keeping employees happy.

What makes E-pay Payroll stand out?

Our versatility isn’t our only strength and selling point. We continue to receive rave reviews from clients we have worked for down the years. We are an organization that has stood the test of time and our employees have over forty years of combined payroll processing experience. Another reason why we are different is that because we understand that different companies have peculiar traits or characteristics, we assign customers to payroll specialists that we believe is best suited for their needs. Also, we let you dictate the pace as a customer. What this means is that you can start and halt your payroll whenever you desire. We must not also forget that our services are affordable and we offer free payroll processing services for the first thirty days.

Large and small businesses in need of a payroll services expert within the City of Industry can call on us. Our customer care line (866) 340-8132 is also available 24/7.