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Payroll Services Corona

A major pointer to the growth of any organization is how quickly it is able to spread and open branches in different areas. This is the story of E-pay payroll. What started as a small company has spread to over cities in the United States of America. For companies in Corona, the need to have a payroll administrator cannot be overemphasized and the advantages are numerous. At E-pay payroll, we assist with the issuance and distribution of paychecks, calculation, and computation of tax figures, direct deposit into employee account, preparation of various accounting documents, the consummation of accounting transactions, the filing of tax reports, employee benefit withholding, workers attendance, and time tracking, and so on.

Our advantage

One of the biggest advantages we have over every other payroll processing company in Corona is that our payroll services are not expensive. However, that is not to say we do a bad job. We consider the plight of our customers and perform our tasks at prices that are pocket-friendly. Congruently, our workers’ compensation scheme provides insurance cover to employees who fall sick or sustain some degree of injuries while performing their job functions. In fact, it is a must in some cities for all employers of labor to have workers compensation insurance or pay a fine.

Our clients can also benefit from our impressive range of HR packages and services. Effective human resource is another level of company security. That is why we are keen on helping you during your selection and hiring process so that you don’t pick the wrong and dishonest candidate. Our onboarding process is designed to ease new recruits into their new environment of work. We cover every aspect of human resource from employee handbook to employment lawsuit, we’ve got you covered. Our bookkeeping professionals constantly update records of all financial activities in your company such as monitoring the firm’s operating expense, updating the record of items bought and sold, as well as maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

How E-pay payroll works

To use our platform, no extra software is required. All that is needed is a secure internet connection for you to access our webpage. Upon entering your data, the system automatically generated output for you after tax deductions and social security withholdings are taken. Our payroll services system also considers the number of times absent from work, sick days, vacation and probable fines due to employee misconduct. Call us on (866) 340-8132 today.