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Payroll Services Downey

For businesses (especially small businesses) in Downey and other parts of California, securing the services of a payroll processing expert is usually a big deal. This is because most of the payroll processing outfits turn their focus on the big companies in the big industries because of big returns and this leaves the smaller firms to suffer. However, E-pay payroll is an exception to this trend. At E-pay payroll, we give all our clients and customers equal treatment. Whether big or small, exceptional service is a promise we make to all our customers.

E-pay payroll was established in 1991 with a mandate to providing quality payroll services including processing, tax filing, and human resource services to all that require such services.

What other things do we do?

E-pay payroll also engages in employee benefit services, entities setup services, online employee timekeeping, human resource, and employee recruitment services, as well as insurance and accounting services. All these and more are reasons why customers testify to our versatility.

Why hire E-pay payroll?

E-pay payroll is quite user-friendly. In fact, you don’t need to install additional software to use it. A fast and reliable internet connection and a web browser are all you need. Furthermore, we are aware of the increasing rate of cybercrime and that is why we ensure that all information inputted on E-pay payroll remains a top secret. In fact, our website is protected with 128-bit encryption and we collaborated with VeriSign (an e-commerce security leader) for data protection.

Our Payroll services in Downey are affordable and our employees are experienced with over forty years of combined payroll processing experience. Our staff is also friendly and professional in their dealings.

What you stand to gain

One of our unique selling points is that as a customer, we allow you to dictate the pace of work.When to start or halt payroll is determined by you. Asides that, by associating with us, you’d are teaming up with a big brand as we have a business presence in several cities in America albeit our headquarters is in California.

If you aren’t convinced about our quality, you can check out what other customers are saying about us or subscribe to claim your thirty days’ free trial. It is better to hire us and relieve yourself of a headache that comes with payroll and staff-manning so that you can focus your attention on other business matters.

If you are thinking Payroll services in Downey, think E-pay payroll. Call us today to begin (866) 340-8132