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Payroll Services EL Cajon

Small businesses were usually ignored by payroll service agencies. This is the reason most small industries find it hard to keep track of most of their financial activities and often suffer severe sanctions from the government.
All that changed some three decades ago when E-pay Payroll was established.

Understand that payrolling is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to fix, a lot of diligence. A slight error may have huge effects on your whole business process. It is one of the reasons entrepreneurs allow experts to handle their payroll.

If you are just paying workers for the hours they worked, it might be easier to handle on your own but if your company has at least 10 employees and is into something like production, then it goes beyond just simple mathematics. You may need to match the workers’ pay with their benefits, their insurance, take the right proportion to tax bodies (IRS) and many more. You may also want to pay directly into your employees’ account or print paychecks.

What’s E-pay Payroll?

E-pay Payroll is a payroll service established in 1991 basically to cater for the small microbusinesses in the United States. We have, however, through diligent work, created a reputation in the industry as one of the most reliable payroll service agency across the 50 states that make up the country.

E-pay Payroll has dedicated and highly trained staffs who work around the clock for just one goal: keeping small businesses afloat and expanding. The staff has a combined experience of more than 40 years and understands virtually all there is about the subject.

Why work with E-pay Payroll?

We have lots of exploits in California and El Cajon, precisely. We understand the law of the city and how it affects every business. That is why we have built a staff consisting of lawyers, senior accountants, certified public accountants, and payroll specialists.

Our team becomes a part of your team from the moment your signup with us. To keep your nerves at ease, we would offer you a first 60-day consultation free of charge so you can only part with your money after we must have satisfied you.
After putting your payroll in safe hands, all you would do is approval of the attendance sheet data and nothing else.

We work mostly with small businesses including grocery stores, auto dealerships, and many more.

Adequate payroll is important to keep your business running in the black as well as give you peace of mind. E-pay represents adequate payroll services El Cajon. Call E-pay payroll services (866) 340-8132 today!