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Payroll Services El Monte

In the corporate world, companies are always particular about their brand image. Most of these establishments do away with anything that would erode their brand at the slightest opportunity. Wage and salary structure is one sensitive area that can erode a brand image if not carefully handled.

To avert problems that come with the payment of employee salaries and bonus payments, most companies (big and small) reach out to payroll processing experts. E-pay payroll is one of such companies that offer payroll services like processing and staff-manning services. In fact, we do much more than that. Our range of services includes keeping track of employee attendance, employee background check, employee retirement plans, and group health insurance, as well as insurance and accounting services. Therefore, for businesses and establishments in need of professional payroll services in El Monte, we’ve got you covered.

How does E-pay payroll work?

Our payroll services process are streamlined to comply with international best practices in information technology and data security. All you need is a safe and secure internet connection and a web browser. Your task is to input your payroll information into our website. If there are any issues, our payroll specialists are there to lend a helping hand and assist with the initial setup. The process is such that all tax deductions are made and credited into the appropriate government account while the balance is paid either as a direct deposit into the employee account or as a paycheck. The computation takes into consideration the prevailing tax rate of the region, the number of hours worked by the employee, as well as other due payments and allowances.

Why choose E-pay payroll?

We have stood the test of time and our clients down the years can testify to it. Unlike other new generation payroll processing companies, we are veterans in the game. We came into existence in 1991 and our employees have about forty years of combined payroll processing experience. Furthermore, because we know you may be skeptical about a few things, we offer a thirty-day free payroll processing trial to our new and prospective customers. E-pay payroll isn’t a complicated process and our rates are very meaningful.

For questions and inquiries about our processes, you can reach out to us via our dedicated helpdesk or 24/7 customer care line (866) 340-8132. For businesses in El Monte in need of human resource and payroll services, call on us. We are ready to serve.