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Employee Direct Deposit Newport Beach

It makes no sense having a paycheck when you can’t have immediate access to cash. This is one problem many employees face. A paycheck doesn’t always translate to cash in hand or immediate funds. There are times when workers hold on to paychecks for days or even weeks. The process of getting paid with a paycheck at the bank is uneasy and tough. In addition, employers must know that a paycheck is not money; it is merely a negotiable instrument. The only way an employer can guarantee an employee of payment for work done is to pay directly into the bank account of the worker.

Employee direct deposit is uneasy and expensive for a company that hasn’t outsourced its payroll processing and timesheet monitoring duties. It is easier to do if a company has a professional firm handling its payroll functions. If you are thinking of a professional firm to take care of your salary payment task, look no further than E-pay payroll. We give you control of the whole process and keep you abreast of happenings every step of the way. Workers can share their pay into different bank accounts and get a secure email containing details of their pay stubs on their registered email address. Impressively, this service is inexpensive. We do a lot for you and charge very little fees.

Our other services

Direct payment into the bank account of workers isn’t the only thing we are known for. We are expert payroll processors and audit officers. Our human resource professionals can also help you hire new workers, do a background check on them, train existing workers and resolve your staff-manning issues. If there is a need to reconcile figures or there is a suspected fraud in the company, our audit and compliance team will sort it out. With us, there is no way you can underpay or overpay tax because we have tax experts who are fully accredited by the IRS. E-Pay’s online time and attendance tracker helps you monitor your workers and take note of absentee workers. We also give advice on how to resurrect a sinking business through our professional advisory services.

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(909) 393-0410 Ext 103 and (866) 340-8132 are our phone lines. Call today and one of our customer care representatives will attend to you. Our email address is help@epaypayroll.com and our website is www.epaypayroll.com. You can also check us up on Twitter and LinkedIn.