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Employee Direct Deposit Oceanside

In the corporate world, quick and prompt payment of salaries is one of the ways to retain a happy workforce. The issue with salaries is that it must be accurate and spontaneous. In other words, it must be paid on time and the exact amount must be paid. There is something called the time value of money and employers must know this. When you give a worker a paycheck, you haven’t given out money. You have only distributed an instrument that may translate to cash. Converting paychecks to cash is not plain sailing at all. There are too many hurdles to cross especially in the bank. It is very possible that when the check is finally cleared, it may not meet the initial need for which it was intended. That is why employers must look for ways to pay workers their salaries with timely access to funds a major consideration.

The direct deposit system is an obvious solution to this problem. The only issue is that if a company has not been outsourcing its payroll functions, the cost may be higher. One firm that can handle your employee direct deposit need is E-pay payroll. We don’t just care about what we stand to gain; we care more about our clients and reputation. With our direct deposit system of salary and wage payment, workers can rest assured on payday. They will get a carefully coded email containing details of their pay stubs on their registered email address. Also, employees can opt to split their salaries into different bank accounts. We do not underpay or overpay salaries because we work with what the payroll says.

Our other services

Some of the other things we do include

  1. Employee compensation and retirement benefits
  2. Training of workers and organizing refresher courses
  3. Recruitment and hiring of new hands for entry-level and experienced positions
  4. Audit and financial advisory services
  5. Compliance and supervisory services
  6. Accounting and bookkeeping services
  7. Business registration and incorporation services
  8. Tax filing and tax management services

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Visit www.epaypayroll.com and you will see that our old customers have nothing but praise for us. For feedback and constructive criticism, send an email to help@epaypayroll.com or call (909) 393-0410 Ext 103 or (866) 340-8132. You can also check any of our offices any day of the week.