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Employee Direct Deposit Ontario

A delay in the payment of your employees can be just what is needed to turn your company into shambles. While you stand the risk of being sued by your workers, you might incur fines from the APA for improper payroll statement. Although most organizations favor giving employee paychecks, it may involve much more engagement that might eventually lead to delays.

If you want the fastest way to pay your workers, you should try using a direct deposit. Direct deposit saves time and much work as your employees can receive their periodic payments on the same day.

Do not ever think it is impossible to run payroll and have your workers receive their pay on the same day.

The perks of this system to you as an employer is that you can hold onto your money until the payday, and yet still keep these workers happy! It is that simple. However, you ought to submit your payroll before it is 7am on payday.
Another thing is that issuing paper checks might be a little problematic as they may be compromised. There may be a loss of fund and this is not very good for your relationship with your employee. So what do you do? Opt for employee direct deposit today.

In Ontario, you can get reliable employee direct deposit services at e-pay payroll.

We at E-pay payroll are payroll specialists as our name implies. Not only should those big organizations enjoy the quality and flexible payroll services, but smaller organizations also should too.

E-pay payroll was established almost three decades ago and has been instrumental in the excellence of smaller businesses in Ontario. This is very understandable owing to the number of well-trained and licensed payroll specialists. E-pay payroll has accountants, certified public accountants, and payroll experts who all work hand in hand to ensure your business runs smoothly without any payroll hitches.

At e-pay payroll, our staff has a combined experience of more than 45 years laying credence to the fact that nothing can be new to us as per direct deposits.

We have some of the latest software for computing employee pay and sending direct deposits into their bank accounts without much ado.

In addition, you do not have to pay much to get your employee direct deposit fixed. We beat down our prices because we aim at providing the best services for the small organization.

Therefore, whether grocery stores, restaurants, auto dealerships, insurance, or real estate, we can work with you.
E-pay payroll is a reliable company for employee direct deposit in Ontario. Call us (866) 340-8132 today to get started.