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One of the primary responsibilities of an employer to an employee is the payment of wages and salaries based on an agreed structure. However, the problem is that employers are yet to perfect the act because many of them do not have an ideal template for the payment of salaries. While some employers pay cash directly to their workers, others distribute paychecks to all the workers under their payroll. The first method is unwise, insecure and unethical while the second has a lot of challenges that come with it. When companies issue paychecks, they are always prepared to allow workers some time off work. This is because the check can only be confirmed and processed in the bank and there is always a queue in most banking halls. Asides that, paychecks poses a lot of challenges to the employer too. The process of printing, signing and distributing paychecks every payday is strenuous and time-consuming. It is paperwork and it is prone to error. In an organization where there are hundreds or thousands of employees, signing checks will be laborious and uneasy. It is even harder when reconciliation has to be done and figures from individual checks must be confirmed.

The direct deposit system allows you to bypass this process and one professional firm that is capable of processing direct deposit into the bank account of your employees is E-pay payroll. The E-pay payroll employee direct deposit system allows workers the option of spreading their pay into different bank accounts or a single account. Workers do not have to do anything order than to withdraw funds when salaries have been paid. We offer this service professionally and at a cheap cost too.

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