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Employee Direct Deposit Temecula

So many years ago, the only way workers were paid was by direct cash payments. Employees were usually called into the cash office and given what belongs to them. You and I would agree that this method is no longer ideal especially in today’s world were crime and criminals are on the rise. Employers have also explored the option of paychecks. The problem with paychecks is that there are too many hurdles to cross before it can be converted to something substantial since a check is just a negotiable instrument. Printing checks aren’t economical especially if thousands of checks have to be printed. It is also uneasy to sign checks every payday and there is always a chance of an error happening. If all these factors are considered, then it is safe to say that the direct deposit method of paying workers is the best both for the employer and employee.

E-pay payroll’s employee direct deposit service is not expensive at all. We take it upon ourselves to make direct payments into the bank account of every worker. The net amount paid to each employee is a reflection of the work done for the period under consideration and it is based on information from the payroll. If an employee chooses, payments can be broken down in bits and paid into four different bank accounts.

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