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Preparing personal and business tax figures is a complicated thing to do and any error made can create a wide range of exposure for the company. Tax information submitted to the Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service must be well checked for errors. Furthermore, business owners and employers of labor do not like it when they have to visit the tax office alone. There are companies that can do these things for you while you focus on other aspects of business and E-pay payroll is one of them.

E-pay payroll has tax experts and payroll specialists within their ranks. As a matter of fact, many of our employees are lawyers, engineers, and certified accountants which mean they have experience across all sectors. We have offices in over fifty states of the federation and we do our job based on the agreed service level agreement with our clients.

The things we do

We are specialists in delighting your workers. When it is payday, your employees get rewarded either by direct deposits into their account or paycheck. We also provide insurance coverage for all employees because of the risks and hazard of work. When these people retire, we still cater for them through our very detailed retirement plan. Our online time and attendance help ensure you monitor your workers and gauge their productivity for promotion and appraisal marks. We also cater for your HR needs through our various HR packages. Our employee handbook tools assist in reminding your workers of their role as loyal ambassadors of the company and if need be, we carry out HR self-audit. Our milestone markers help your employees know how far or close they are from reaching the target set for them. In fact, we have a dedicated HR support center for your questions and complaints.

Our contact

To get across to us, you can do so on any of the social media platforms. We are always open for business Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening. We can also be reached via our telephone lines where our trained customer service representative is on the ground to accept your queries and answer your questions.

When you think about quality payroll services, always think E-pay payroll. We are masters in the game and in a league of our own. Call us (866) 340-8132 today.