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Payroll Services Glendale

Everybody works to earn something and nobody wants excuses when it is payday. All employees have bills to pay and a family to feed and it is expedient that the firm that they work for have an efficient salary payment plan. Most companies and multinationals have hundreds or thousands of employees and paying these employees involves serious computations that only a professional can handle if it must be error-free. In line with the increasing demand for payroll services, E-pay payroll was established in 1991.

Like many other companies, we started small but today we have a vast presence in many cities in the U.S. We carved a niche for ourselves by delighting our customers with professionalism and competence.

What we do

We help you keep track of the number of hours each employee works and use this figure to compute the expected salary based on the prevailing hourly rate in that state or region. What this means is that regardless of the department, division or location, payroll information can be reported. This payroll data can be exported for use in Microsoft Excel or on accounting software such as QuickBooks. At E-pay payroll, we don’t only focus on payroll services like processing. We also assist our clients during their recruitment and on boarding process. Other services we render include tax filing, tax payment, and tax impounds services.

Also, because we know the importance of making employees happy and how it translates to company growth, we also help employees plan their retirement and render worker’s compensation services.

Why we are the best

One reason why we are preferred is that our services are not expensive. In fact, our rate is one of the most meaningful within the industry. Furthermore, our platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Also, we allow you to dictate the pace of work. Hence, you can decide to stop your payroll whenever you wish to.

Our employees have experience across different field such as accounting, law, tax, oil and gas, engineering etc.

We constantly engage our customers on phone or via mail. Hence, our customer care line is available 24/7. We are also very active on social media as we see it as an avenue to respond to some of our customer queries and complaints.

Whether you have a new or existing business in Glendale, with our reliable payroll services, we are ready to solve your payroll processing problems. Call (866) 340-8132 to get started now.