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Group Health Insurance


As an additional service our firm provides business owner with a ‘Group Health Insurance Plan’

What is Group Health Insurance Plan?

A group health insurance plan is an insurance plan that provides healthcare coverage to a selected group of people or employees. Group  health insurance plans are one of the major benefits offered by many employers. These plans are generally uniform in nature, offering the same benefits to all employees or members of the group.

Why do you want to have a ‘Group Health Insurance Plan’ for your employees:

Most employers provide Group health insurance plan for their employees in order to attract and keep loyal and talented employees. Most employees look for employers who provide extra employees benefit such as healthcare.

As an employer, you should be familiar with your responsibility of providing healthcare insurance to your employees.  The Employer’s responsibility will depend on the number of full-time equivalent employees (FTE) your business has. Under the Affordable Heathcare Act, if a business employs 50 or more employees the business has to provide health insurance.

Group health insurance plans generally cost less for the plan’s participants than individual plans that offer the same benefits. The main reason group health insurance plans cost less than individual plans is because the provider is spreading the risk over the entire group, rather than one individual person or one single family. If the cost of premiums is borne by the insurer, then they are fully deductible, while any benefit received by group members is tax free.

Type of plans

Through Epay, You Have Access To The Following Types Of Health Insurance Plans

  • HMO Plans
  • PPO Plans
  • HSA Plans
  • HRA Plans
  • Voluntary Plans

Each Of These Plans Can Be Setup As A Pre-Tax Cafeteria Plan, Saving Your Employees And The Company Tax Dollars.