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Payroll Services Long Beach

Industries are springing up on a monthly basis and companies have a consistent need to recruit more workers. For most of these companies, having to compute a salary or wage structure is something they will rather outsource to a professional. The need for a company offering payroll services in Long beach is evident as there are so many start-ups within the city.

Employee data management is a serious issue and this explains why at E-pay payroll, we have taken it upon ourselves to assist companies to keep their employees happy and vice-versa. We didn’t just start today. Actually, we are one of the most experienced and reliable payroll processing companies in the land and our track record speaks volumes. At E-pay payroll, we offer payroll services at pocket-friendly prices. Our platform leverages the internet to solve your payroll processing issues in just about five minutes.

Reasons to choose us

We offer the option of a direct deposit into the account of your employees or a paycheck sent via email. We also assist to compute taxes and levies and make appropriate deductions before paying same to the concerned government account. We have been authorized as an internal revenue service e-file and our processes are easy to learn. If you are worried about confidentiality and security, you have nothing to fear. Your data and information are well secured with 128-bit encryption and a secure socket layer. You also have the privilege of having multiple contacts albeit the company must assign one person as an imputer and the other as an authorizer or approver.

Another unique advantage of E-pay payroll is that you can tweak and adjust the payroll calendar to suit your want. This can be done quite easily on the website. If you want an employee to receive multiple paychecks for a certain period, all you have to do is click the ‘Additional checks’ or ‘Bonus checks’ tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

Payroll data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks for audit trail or account verification.

Our other services include company incorporation and registration, employee attendance and timekeeping, staff-manning and recruitment, as well as human resource services.

Business owners in Long Beach can call on us to handle their payroll. Our figures are accurate and our processes are easy to learn and use. Our customer care line is open 24/7 to register your complaints and answer questions on areas that are not too clear. Call us (866) 340-8132 today for effective Payroll services in Long Beach.