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A happy worker is a productive one. Statistics have shown that the output of a worker is directly proportional to how well he is treated by the company. In Murrieta and its environs, some small and medium-sized businesses don’t think they require the services of a payroll expert. However, if these business owners are really serious about improving their processes, they must consider hiring one. The truth is that it’s not entirely the fault of these business owners as some of these payroll companies haven’t covered themselves in glory. They bill the infant companies heavily yet do a bad and unprofessional job. On the flipside, I am happy to announce that a payroll company that truly cares about your business need is here. E-pay payroll has a name and brand image to protect. We struggled over the years to build our reputation and we won’t do an unprofessional job to tarnish it.

Founded in 1991, we now have offices in about fifty American states. Our employees have about forty years of combined experience on the job.

Our contact

Our offices are always open every weekday from 9 am to 5 pm except for public holidays. You can also get across to us via email or call our dedicated customer service line.

Our services

Upon subscribing for our services, you just need to put in your payroll information. The process is automated and deductions are made for you automatically. Therefore, every worker will receive their net income. We are not oblivious of the fact that the process of computing tax figures is what most business owners don’t like going through. We do this for our clients at a premium. We save you from the liability that may arise from incorrect tax figures. Whether it is business or personal tax, we do the filing for you. Our team comprises of lawyers, accountants, engineers, tax processors and this adds to our versatility. We have employee compensation packages and health cover for workers who may sustain injuries during the course of work. Also when workers retire, they need something to fall back on so that they don’t become a liability to their families and our retirement plan provides a solution to this problem.

For quality and affordable payroll services like processing, E-pay payroll is the answer. Call on us (866) 340-8132 today and our team of experts will be willing to help.