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Payroll Services Norwalk

So many businesses are suffering because of the lack of a financial adviser while a few others are finding it hard to cope with the complexity of computing their business and personal taxes. A few other companies in Norwalk do not even have an effective salary payment plan or structure and this creates a lot of issues when it is payday or when it is time to compensate or reward workers for services rendered.

All these and a whole lot more explain why payroll processing companies have been established. Created in 1991, E-pay payroll was established with the intention of providing cheap and affordable payroll services to clients and customers alike. E-pay payroll functions as a back office payroll service provider while you still maintain control of your payroll. What this means is that although you have given us the task, you are still in charge since you can determine when to start or end the process. Over the years, our satisfied customers have had nothing but praise for our dedication and professionalism in serving them. This explains why we are a constantly growing brand. Although we started small, like many other businesses, we are growing big and we already have offices in about fifty American cities.

The things we do

We do not only help with your payroll needs. We have different HR plans tailored to suit your needs depending on the size and nature of your business. We do this because we understand the importance of hiring good hands. Our system is easy to use and understand because we do not just process the payroll, we do tax calculations and deductions and credit the said sum into the account of the appropriate government agency. By hiring us, we make the process of monitoring employee performance very easy with our online timekeeping and attendance system. What this means is that you do not need to break a sweat to know how employees are performing when it is time for the appraisal.

If you choose us for your payroll services in Norwalk, your employees have a lot to gain. Our group health insurance plan covers the health needs of your workers. Some of our health insurance plans include HMO plans, PPO plans, HAS plans and HRA plans. We are also aware that companies and their representatives do not like going through the stress of filing forms at the tax office. We do all these at a decent and affordable price. Call us right now (866) 340-8132 to get started.