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Don’t try to do your payroll on your own. It’s a whole lot of risk involved – whole lots of headache, and if you make mistakes, a whole lot of penalties and fines. So I repeat, do not do your payroll on your own.

If you still choose to, you might be on a crash course and incur the wrath of the IRS, have late tax payments and may have your employees feeling unappreciated. Now that’s really bad for business.
The complicated process of payrolling is necessary to keep a business running smoothly. Payroll service is basically computing your workers’ pay by monitoring their working hours and basic pay. Every other thing such as tax deductions, filings and forms should be looked at by the payroll expert.

Is payrolling really that difficult?

Yes. It is. Assuming you pay an employee of grade W-2, a percentage of their income belongs to the tax agencies (both federal, state and local). And then their Medical care, social security, federal unemployment tax act (FUTA) and state unemployment insurance (SUI) needs to be matched also. The process is obviously a complicated one and not something just anyone can do. And if you encounter an error, the whole process might have to be done again. Also, you might need to put those annoying forms such as the 1099s and W-2s together at the end of the year.

Save yourself the troubles and let a payroll expert do all the work.

In Oceanside, a trusted payroll expert is E-pay Payroll services. We handle every type of payroll services and have been doing it since the past 28 years. We boast of some of the most experienced payroll specialists in all of the U.S. with our reputation spreading all over the 50 states of the country.

Once we are hired, we assign one of our experts to become a part of your team and work closely with you, understanding your business and providing the needed solutions. Plus, you also get to enjoy free services on your first 60days after consulting us. Our clients’ success is our pride.

Members of our staff include Certified Public Accountants, payroll specialists and aggressive attorneys who understand how important payrolling is for the smooth running of a business. They are also licensed and approved by the IRS electronic filing.

So, are you serious about saving yourself the stress and time? Consider getting an expert to handle your payroll. Secure unbeatable payroll services Oceanside at E-pay Payroll, call us on (866) 340-8132 today.