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If you run even a micro-business, and you have a small number of employees, there are several complicated factors that need to be kept at the back of your mind choosing a suitable payroll.
Even at that, doing payroll is not that easy. It not only eats into your time, but it can also cause a lot of mental stress and discomfort too. You can spend several hours thinking you have made headway only to discover you made an error and all your efforts come crashing at your feet – waste! Plus, a single error might prove too costly to handle.

It is the reason business owners outsource their company payroll needs to processing agencies for expert help. Although there are a plethora of payroll-processing agencies in the US, most of them do not pay the required attention to small and midsized businesses. That is one of the reasons E-pay Payroll has taken it upon itself to target small and midsize businesses in Orange and satisfy their payroll needs.

Besides just computing workers’ wages and paying to their accounts or printing checks, we help you prepare your company’s tax statements and file the important W-2s and 1099s as needed yearly.

But who are we?

E-pay Payroll is a payroll processing agency that is reputable for providing topnotch payroll services to small business in America. Our tentacles are spread across all the states of the country. Despite our company is just over two decades, we have a combined experience of more than 40 years old between our staff.

Our staff comprises a team of attorneys, certified public accountants and payroll specialists who have dedicated their careers to helping small business owners grow. Don’t worry about certification as our staff is licensed, bonded and approved by the internal revenue service electronic filing.

We understand the flaws of online payroll software and that is where we place our strength: creating long-lasting friendship and loyalty with our clients via warmness and careful understanding of their businesses in order to provide personalized or unique solutions.

You can consult us today and enjoy a free 60-day trial of our services. Whether you run a restaurant, grocery store, a mechanic shop, an auto dealership, a gas station, an insurance company, or real estate offices, you can reach out today and enjoy our services.

Don’t take these words for it. A simple trial might be all you need to be convinced. Reach out to us for payroll services Orange at E-pay Payroll today, call (866) 340-8132 to begin.