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Employee Direct Deposit Pasadena

There are times when a blessing doesn’t feel like a blessing. This is actually the case when employees go through too much stress to access their salaries. Paychecks have to be converted to cash before they become meaningful. The process of turning paychecks to cash isn’t straightforward and it is time-consuming. It would mean that all employees would visit the bank at different times. This certainly isn’t good for business and productivity.

Paychecks are also prone to the error associated with paper transactions. It also means extra effort will be put into reconciling figures from individual payroll checks every payday. The employee direct deposit system eliminates this problem and workers can have easy access to their funds. The employee direct deposit method is expensive to adopt except it is outsourced to a capable firm such as E-pay payroll. Workers can have their salaries paid into four different checking or savings accounts depending on their preference. For employers, the direct deposit system is a sure way to save time and money.

About E-pay payroll

We are the best professional service firm in town. Our service delivery is exceptional and we are prompt in attending to the needs of our clients. Our services are not expensive and we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers. We are very good at monitoring workers and preparing a timesheet through our online attendance tracking system. Our online time tracker ensures that workers are paid accurately and no one gets paid for work not done. If there is a vacant role or position in your workplace, we can help you get the best hands to fill such roles. We conduct interviews and identify talents through our human resource professionals. We can also handle your tax matters. We have experts who are good at filing, computing and calculating figures for your business and personal taxes. We have a team of accountants who know all about bookkeeping and record keeping.

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For business owners and prospective clients in Pasadena who are looking for a reliable payroll firm to handle all their employee direct deposit, we at E-Pay Payroll are at your service. Our phone lines (909) 393-0410 Ext 103 or (866) 340-8132 are accessible during office hours you can call us today to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, we can be reached via our email address is help@epaypayroll.com and our website is www.epaypayroll.com.