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Employee Time And Attendance Pasadena

The manual method of managing employee timesheet is stressful and open to a lot of calculative errors. It involves filling a time card with the use of a pen. Employers sign in and sign out of the premises manually. There is a chance that a worker resumes work but the clerk forgets to register his presence. Also, the possibility of manipulating the manual time sheet is high. Hence, there is a need for an alternative.

The solution to this problem is E-pay payroll online time and attendance tracker. Our employee attendance tracker is such that nobody can come into the workplace without indicating his or her presence through the biometric device installed at the entrance. Without this, there is no passage into the workplace and no one can lay claim to been at work when he or she was obviously absent.

Timesheet information is spooled to our server and the employer can approve it when he wants to by visiting www.epaypayroll.com/online-time-attendance/ and clicking the approve finger. It is the timesheet generated by our online system that is used to process payroll and determine how much every worker should earn based on the applicable hourly rate. By this, wage disputes will not arise and companies can rest assured that they are not overpaying any employee.

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To know more about us and our history, you can visit www.epaypayroll.com. We were founded in 1991and have evolved to becoming a reliable firm through our exceptional service delivery. Our workers are friendly and consummate professionals. They lead you through every step until a solution is in sight. We do not only engage in employee time and attendance monitoring. As stated earlier, we are specialists in handling payroll processing matters. We have workers who have a cumulative experience of forty years handling such matters. Our certified junior and senior accountants can assist with your accounting challenges and we are professionals when it comes to handling tax matters. You can call us for computation of your personal and business income taxes as well as filing relevant tax documents at the office of the Internal Revenue Service. Our HR pros are always on ground to help you with your recruitment and hiring functions. If there is a need to incorporate a new business, we can assist you with the process.

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