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Human Resources Pasadena

Failure and loss of income are inevitable when an organization does not have a structure. The profit margin of such a firm is non-existent and it is hard to tell the direction of work. In other words, everybody does what he or she like without recourse for what it means to the company’s image.

In such an institution anything goes. Interestingly, it is not uncommon to see such in today’s corporate world especially as it concerns small businesses. Most businesses that operate this way do not have a human resources team that coordinates its activities and regulates operational matters. This is one of our special services at E-pay payroll. We enforce workplace discipline and employee conduct and assist in recruiting for both experienced and inexperienced roles.

We have come a long way and our workers are friendly and professional in their dealings with all clients. We give our customers the personal attention they crave and guide them through every process. If you opt for E-pay payroll, you get the same attention that you get from your personal in-house employee because we carry you along every step of the way. With E-pay payroll, you can rest assured that all your documents are properly filed and in a timely manner.

Our Human Resource Services

Our human resource team is responsible for:

  1. Employee conduct: Staff discipline is very important and unruly behavior is unacceptable within the work environment. Employees must know this and act accordingly. We help you uphold workplace discipline and etiquette while encouraging workers to respect the private space of their colleagues. We ensure all employees understand the need for peaceful coexistence.
  2. Internal communication: We pass necessary information across to all staff if there is a new development about the organization or work process. This we do through newsletters, publication of journals and magazines as well as internal memos.
  3. Recruitment: This is about the most common function of any human resources company. We have a dependable talent acquisition team that understands what to look out for during recruitment or hiring exercise. Hence, the chances of a bad hire are drastically reduced since we also conduct a background check on all potential employees.

Our other services

We do other tasks like payment of workers and payroll processing, tax filing, tax computation, incorporation of a company, accounting services as well as business and financial advisory services. Want to hire dependable human resources management personnel? Give us a call today (866) 340-8132.