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Payroll Services Pasadena

The management of every organization puts a lot into maintaining the company brand and image. They don’t take chances or compromise on anything that is capable of putting a dent to the reputation of their organization. Hence, they go the extra mile to please their workers and customers.

Workers salary and wages is one issue that if not properly managed, can tarnish the image of the company and that is why a whole lot of companies strive to get it right. Firms do not even mind paying professionals to consummate these transactions for them. Payroll service providers are increasing on a daily basis but only a few can rival the name and brand of E-pay payroll.

What we do

E-pay payroll is an expert in tax filing and tax calculations. Our figures are always accurate and reliable. Also, our processes are simplified and we offer these services at a very low cost. We leverage the internet to provide top-quality human resource and staff-manning services. To use E-pay payroll for your payroll services, simply log on to our website and fill your payroll details. Our system is such that tax deductions are automatically removed and posted into the account of the relevant government agency. Your employees receive payments via direct deposits or paycheck depending on their preference. We use figures gotten from our employee attendance and employee hour tracker in getting the true value of what each worker should be paid. The reports from our page can be spooled and exported to Microsoft Excel and other formats for audit and reference purposes.

Why we are unique

The fact that we are not pricey is enough reason to call on us. Unlike various other companies that are all about the money, we are more concerned about doing a professional and decent job. We are fully licensed by the office of the internal revenue service to provide these services. Furthermore, we assist companies during their recruitment exercise to identify the best hands and perform a background check on them. Upon hiring these workers, we also do an orientation program for them during the on-boarding process.

If you choose E-pay payroll to carry out your payroll services and processing activities, your workers have a lot to benefit because our employee compensation scheme helps provide cover for them till they retire from active duty. Even after they retire, our efficient retirement plan helps provide health and financial cover to them and their families. Call us on (866) 340-8132 now.