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There are different types of employment tax to be paid in the United States of America and companies are expected to ensure the highest level of compliance. Whether it is the Medicare tax, federal income tax, employee social security tax, or employer social security tax, all companies are expected to choose a payment/deposit schedule at the start of every calendar year. There is a heavy sanction for companies that fail to comply with their deposit plan.

After tax payment is made, every organization is expected to make a report of the amount paid with proofs and pieces of evidence. This report is done by filing certain forms either manually or through e-file. In fact, the earnings of all workers must be reported at the office of the internal revenue service and this is done by filing forms too.

Payroll tax filing involves a lot of processes and it is only an expert that can handle this. This is the real reason why companies prefer to outsource their payroll tax filing functions. These companies are always on the lookout for competence and quality in deciding which professional firm to do business with. The price and turnaround time is another factor. E-pay payroll ticks all the boxes of a competent professional service company and this is why we have many clients who have decided to pitch their tents with us.

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We are a reputable firm that is into professional services. Year in and year out, our customer base keeps increasing and this is a testament to the immense progress we have made over the years. It is not rocket science that we have the best and most experienced set of workers in the industry. Our employees comprise of attorneys, barristers, accountants, engineers, and tax experts. Our service is the cheapest in the industry and we are not a firm that selects customers. There are so many things we do. We are into human resources and recruitment; we are also experts in employee compensation and development. We also do accounting and audit as well as the incorporation of companies.

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