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Payroll Services Pomona

Reliability and trust is an important aspect of business partnership. Most small and midsized businesses in Pomona do not consider employing the services of a payroll processing expert because of some unpleasant experiences they have had with such companies in the past. In fact, many of them are finding it hard to trust payroll servicing companies. It is like a woman who has been jilted and is finding it hard to love again. Notwithstanding, payroll services like processing isn’t a straightforward process and payroll processing companies will have to step in eventually.

For the records, not all payroll companies are bad or offer bad services. E-pay payroll is one of such unique companies with distinctive qualities. Our success story is an intriguing one. In 1991 when we started, we were a small establishment but today, our business has expanded to nearly all nooks and crannies of the United States of America.

What we are about

E-pay payroll isn’t just about paying and compensating workers. We help you hire the best hands and train them to be useful to themselves and the organization. Figures gotten from us can be trusted and we allow you to have control of the pace of work on your payroll. Also, if you desire to make major or minor changes to the payroll calendar, you can do this by following the prompt on our webpage. Information provided to us by our clients and customers are adequately protected and secured and we have made it possible for you to export data from our page in QuickBooks or Microsoft Excel format for use by you at a convenient time.

Our employees have expertise in tax, engineering, law, human resources, and oil and gas. What we do is to assign our employees based on their area of strength. This means that we match customers with payroll specialists most likely to serve them better or understand their needs.

Other things we do

Many of our clients detest filing at the tax office and we take over this responsibility from them. We also assist in computing personal and business tax figures for our customers as well as providing retirement benefits for their workers.

If you have a business in Pomona and require a payroll services company of repute or you want to know more about us or the things we do, you can contact us on our 24/7 customer care line (866) 340-8132.