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Rancho Cucamonga CA Payroll Services

Payroll service is a third-party agency that handles a company’s payroll. A company’s payroll may involve but not limited to elements such as calculating workers’ wages by multiplying their work hours by the rate, preparing checks or depositing their pay into their account, calculating withholding and various tax deductions and more.

Payrolling also involves making tax filings periodically or annually like 1099 and the W-2. When the tax body (Internal Revenue Service) or a separate government agency comes knocking and making inquiries about your business, they will need the payroll data (1099 and W-2 forms).

As far as you have a business with at least 7 employees, the payroll might not be something you want to do on your own because it will gulp precious time that would have been put into something else. It is expedient that you seek professional help. But where can you find reliable payroll services Rancho Cucamonga?

The answer is E-pay Payroll.

A name that is associated with reliable business accounting and payrolling is E-pay Payroll. Thousands of testimonials are being given to us because of the joy we brought to business owners who initially struggled with their payroll before we stepped in.

Ever since conception in 1991, E-pay Payroll has focused all attention on micro-businesses since they happen to have been inadequately given attention by other payroll agencies. That implies that we have 28 years of good records but our staff has a combined experience of more than 43 years in this practice.

Among the members of our staff are CPAs, lawyers and payroll specialist, accountants, senior accountant all of whom work together to serve our clients and preserve the repute that we have built painstakingly.

We take interest in our clients’ aspirations, joining them and becoming a part of their team, working tirelessly and professionally to achieve industry goals.

What you stand to gain from E-pay Payroll

The aim of the business is an expansion which means more profit for the owner. A business that doesn’t have its payroll properly done cannot expand. You will incur the wrath of your workers as well as government tax agencies who will give you several sanctions. Yet, you will hardly have peace.

If you let E-pay Payroll handle your company’s payroll, all you need to do is glance through and approve your workers’ attendance sheet. Then we will do the rest and this will free up your time to think about other less stressful aspects of your business and enjoy your peace.

If you’re finally fancying payroll services Rancho Cucamonga, then head straight to our office or call us on (866) 340-8132.