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Payroll Services San Diego

We know that payroll computation is a hard nut to crack considering the number of intricate calculations and deductions. The fact that the internal revenue service might also become involved if your payroll tax filing isn’t done on time or poorly done makes it an even more serious case.

We are also sure you do not want to tread that path on your own without expert assistance. That is why we are here. We are E-pay Payroll.

Who we are

Our company was launched in 1991 following the lack of payroll services that plagued small or microbusinesses. In other words, our company’s primary target here in San Diego is small businesses and for the past years since inception, we have helped provide quality payrolling for midsized and small businesses alike.

We are proud of our achievements so far but one thing we hold dear is our integrity, our good name. We offer a hundred percent commitment to our clients as well as topnotch payroll service.

Once we are contacted, we assign a single expert to a particular client’s business and account. Any expert from our staff must be someone with an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of payrolling and ‘payroll tax filing’ and by proximity, a proper understanding of your business. This makes each service personalized. As a business expands, the payroll requirements are bound to change over time and our experts understand this phenomenon so you have the least to worry about.

We don’t just stand out for anything. Our approach to the business by putting our clients first has been one of our strong weapons against the competition.

To boost your confidence in us, it might interest you to know that our staff is made of licensed lawyers, certified public accountants, senior accountants, and payroll experts – these individuals are approved by the IRS electronic filing.
Give us a nod and we will blend with your team.

Ideal clients

As said earlier, our main focus is small businesses. So if you run a mechanic shop, a grocery store, a gas station or something as small as a restaurant, we can work with you.

We have some of the latest payroll software and tools as well as the latest information about how it should be done according to the laws of the city of San Diego, so you can never go wrong with us.

It is important to get your business payroll services from a renowned agency to avoid costly errors, time-wasting irrelevant headaches. Call (866) 340-8132 to checkout our services.