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Payroll Services Santa Monica

Having to plan for one or two people isn’t as difficult as putting plans together for a group of hundred people. More so, it is even harder when calculations are involved or monetary rewards are at stake. This is exactly what companies and businesses in Santa Monica go through especially when payday is edging closer. Apparently, employees aren’t concerned about how they are paid or the process you go through in rewarding them for their services and the onus is on the management of the organization to put together a reliable salary payment platform or schedule.

Many companies offer to assist with payroll services and processing but only a few do a good job and E-pay payroll is top of that list. Our consistent growth over the years is a testament to the fact that our service standards have never dropped. Several of our old customers continue to say a lot of positive things about us.

How we operate

We are always open for business on weekdays between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. During this period, we strive to please and delight our customers through exceptional service. However, if you are unable to reach us within this timeframe or period, we can be contacted through our phone lines and fax or via mail. Whatever the avenue you reach us on, we are always available to serve you.

Our services

We know and acknowledge that the needs of our clients are insatiable but that doesn’t stop us from doing our best. We are versatile in our dealings and that’s why we don’t focus on just payroll. Clients call on us to handle their tax calculations and tax filing. Also, when they need to bring in new workers, they contact us to assist with the process of recruitment and selection. We also help to absolve new recruits into the organization and train them on employee conduct and etiquette.

In addition, we plan various employee benefit programs such as health insurance and retirement benefits. What this means is that these workers have e something to fall back on when they retire from active service or when their body can no longer bear the stress of working.

For businesses in Santa Monica, if you need us, you can reach us via our dedicated helpdesk or 24/7 customer care line on (866) 340-8132. E-pay payroll is the ultimate for all your payroll services like processing and tax computing worries. We don’t just do it, we do it well.