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Westminster CA Payroll Services

The importance of having a payroll processing expert cannot be overemphasized. The truth is, it is almost impossible for the management of most companies to combine payroll duties what the numerous tasks they already have to complete. In Westminster, most small business owners feel that payroll specialists only offer their services to the big companies or that it is only the big establishments that require the services of a payroll expert. One cannot entirely blame them for thinking along this line. The truth is that several payroll processing companies are guilty of increasing their prices to the detriment of the small and growing businesses hereby making it difficult for these infant firms to enjoy the benefits of a payroll administrator.

E-pay payroll is different. Our processes are streamlined to provide cheap and affordable payroll services to different businesses across different levels. Paying your employees isn’t our only concern as we are also concerned about the growth of your business. This explains why we delve into other areas that involve improving and growing your workers.

What is E-pay payroll about?

We are known to be reliable and dependable. It is this quality that has seen us climb the ladder continuously since 1991 when we were founded. Our team of payroll experts helps keep track of the productivity and punctuality of employees through our online attendance tracking system. This helps ensures that workers are paid accurately. It also helps guarantee that an hour worked is an hour paid for.

Our services

We are professionals in handling tax matters. Our team of tax experts calculates these figures and deducts same from employee earnings before disbursing same into the account of the appropriate federal, state, or local government agency. We also ensure your workers enjoy all benefits offered by the company.

We offer accounting and financial advisory services to our clients through our junior and senior accountants who have mastered how to incorporate the basic principles of accounting into daily practice. Furthermore, if you need to register or incorporate a business or business name, you can call on us.

Why choose us?

Our figures are accurate and a true reflection of the data you put into our webpage. Our payroll services are affordable and our employees are able to deliver based on the stipulated service level agreement. In addition, we are recognized by the office of the internal revenue service and fully licensed to carry out these tasks we perform. Reach out to us today, call (866) 340-8132